What Your Car Is Telling You

Cars do make noise. There is a sound when the engine runs, and when you turn on the AC. However, not all noises that your car makes are good. There are many noises that mean your car is having an issue. It can be hard to tell what the noises mean. Some are loud and obvious, whereas others are more subtle. It’s hard to know The expert technicians at Chris Murphy’s Automotive in Dallas, TX, can help translate those sounds. We will listen to your car and see what it is trying to say. Keep reading to know some of the common sounds that indicate problems with your car.

Roaring Sounds

A loud, roaring sound coming from different areas of your car is a sign of different problems. If you hear a roaring sound coming from the bottom of the car, it means a problem with the exhaust manifold. It most likely has a crack in it. The muffler is unable to cut this noise down. It is not safe to let this issue continue. It can cause a buildup of carbon monoxide in your car. If you hear this sound, bring it to our ASE-certified technicians immediately. We can fix this problem before driving becomes unsafe. If you hear a groaning, roaring sound when you start the ignition, this is a sign of a battery problem. The battery cables might be loose, which is a simple fix. Or if your battery is old and damaged, and could need replacing.

Grinding and Squeaking Noises

Brakes are a main safety component of your car. If you brake, and you hear a squeaking sound, it’s time to head to the shop. The main culprit is worn brake pads. The metal on your brakes is grinding against each other. While not an immediate hazard, the problem will worsen. If your brakes are grinding, that is also a sign of worn brake pads. Your brakes are moving against the rotors. Our shop is fully equipped to handle all brake problems. There is no need to keep that grinding and squeaking playing.

The Shrieks

Cars are not meant to scream. If you hear a loud, shrill noise coming from under the hood, it’s time to get your vehicle checked. The shrieking is most likely caused by the serpentine belt. The belt powers most of your car’s functions. If it’s loose or broken, you get the screaming sounds. Bring it into our shop immediately for repairs.

The Car Whisperers

If you need to know what your car is saying, bring it to Chris Murphy’s Automotive. We can quickly diagnose and repair your vehicle. We know what that noise is, and can ensure your car drives safely.