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Comprehensive Safety Inspection & Emissions Testing

Every year, hundreds of Texas residents scramble to get their vehicle’s registered. Although only a certain amount of counties are required to take it, it still helps to prepare your vehicle. Without proper preparation, you could face a failure and have to retake the inspection and test at a later date, which can cost time and money. If you’re preparing for the latest round, let Chris Murphy’s Automotive in Dallas, Texas help you. Our ASE Certified technicians will provide your vehicle with the repairs it needs so you can pass the Safety Inspection and Emissions Test with flying colors. If you pass the test, we’ll electronically submit your results to the state and have your vehicle registered! If not, don’t worry. We’ll provide your vehicle with an in-depth diagnostics overview to help you determine what needs to be repaired so you can pass the test!

Preparing for the Inspection and Test

Before taking the Safety Inspection and Emissions Test, it’s important to schedule your visit with us a week or more before your current registration expires. This will give you some leeway to repair your vehicle if you end up failing either one. To avoid failing entirely, make sure you prepare your vehicle. Check the quality of your motor oil, transmission fluid, tires, and tire pressure. You want to make sure that these factors all fall within the standards set by your manufacturer’s guide.

Along with that, make sure you properly get rid of the check engine light. If our technicians see that warning signal, you will automatically fail. When you see the light, look at how its shining. If it’s a steady light, your vehicle is fine for the time being, but it will need service soon. If the light is blinking and red, that means your vehicle is in serious danger and needs immediate service.

Although it’s difficult to determine the exact cause of the light, there are a few ways you can figure it out. First, check and tighten your gas cap! A loose gas cap is a common cause for the warning signal to go off. If a gas cap isn’t the case, try using an OBD II tool (if you have one). This tool will read the codes sent by the vehicle’s computer system and tell you what the exact problem is. Now with that said, unless it’s a loose gas cap we recommend visiting our shop for any other type of repair!

Schedule Your Visit Today!

If your vehicle needs to go through its annual safety inspection and emissions testing, make sure you visit Chris Murphy’s Automotive in Dallas, TX! Our ASE Certified technicians will quickly perform the test and inspection your vehicle needs to get registered! If not, we’ll perform the repairs required so your vehicle can pass during retesting! Give us a call at 214-761-6512 and schedule your appointment today! If you’re in the area and you have questions about the inspection or test, visit our shop at 11228 Garland Road!