Emissions Repair in Dallas, TX

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Does Your Car Need an Emissions Test or State Inspection? 

Did you know that emission testing is required by law for all vehicles in the state of Texas? If you are new to the area or if it is time to renew your State’s vehicle safety inspection, then it is also time to get an emissions test. Only diesel vehicles and vehicles under 2 years old or over 24 years old are exempt, so it is likely that your vehicle will need regular emissions inspections. Chris Murphy’s Automotive is an approved emissions repair facility in Dallas, TX and your one-stop shop for fast and convenient emissions-related inspection and repair. Our team of highly trained technicians can complete your state and emissions testing at the same time and make repairs if necessary to ensure your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Your Emissions Control System

Emission control systems limit the release of dangerous gases from the engine of your car. They are extremely important for vehicle performance and for the environment as they control the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen emitted by your car. These gases and fumes contribute to air pollution and have severe impacts on human health, which is why the state of Texas requires emission testing for nearly all vehicles. As with other components of your vehicle, the emission control system is affected by different conditions, including your driving habits, temperature and fuel consumption. During thorough testing at our fully-equipped auto shop, we will measure the exhaust emissions from your specific vehicle to ensure it meets specified regulation in all types of conditions. The emissions system that limits pollution also improves engine efficiency and is essential to prevent major engine issues. At Chris Murphy’s Automotive, it is our mission to help the health of your vehicle and the environment. Let us ensure your vehicle is performing at its best and that your emission control system is fully-operational.

Schedule Your Emissions Test Today!

Chris Murphy’s Automotive is proud to serve the Dallas area and committed to maintaining its environmental health for decades to come. That’s why we specialize in hybrid vehicle repair and emissions inspection and repair to ensure all road vehicles comply with state regulation. Proper maintenance of your vehicle’s emission control system does more than help the environment. Your vehicle’s fuel economy and overall performance will also improve with regular care. If you are unsure about your specific vehicle’s efficiency, give us a call at 214-327-6133 and our expert technicians can answer any of your questions and concerns. Chris Murphy’s Automotive offers after hours drop-off and pick-up to accommodate your busy schedule and ensure that your vehicle’s needs are handled promptly. We’d love to have you visit our shop, so if you are in the area, stop by–11228 Garland Rd.–to speak with one of our techs about improving your vehicle’s emission control system.